Something Used But Never Borrowed

Just a christian guy, I write what I think, and I won't censor my beliefs

Being a person who has pondered suicide on more than one occasion, and being a person who has spent more hours alone then they actually spend with other people, as a person who can’t sleep at night and cries because they feel like there is nothing out there for them, as a person who feels the sting of rejection and hate, and as a Christian I have left all of this at the foot of the cross…Let it all go.

All I want to do right now is

   Go sit in a corner, with my arms wrapped around my legs with all the lights off and just cry for hours. Just continue to cry because right now I know this isn’t rock bottom but it’s coming soon and I’m falling apart as it is right now….Once I hit the floor, i don’t know….I feel so helpless, I can’t do anything and i feel like all i’m doing right now is just borrowing time…

   All I can do is pray that everything is going to work out just fine….

How can a boy become a man, if his father never showed him what a man was..

—Arthur Baltierra



Russian artist Nikolay Polissky has just completed an impressive 72-foot-tall woven sculpture entitled Beaubourg. After taking a recent trip to France, Polissky was inspired by the architecturally stunning Pompidou Center and worked its trademark hollow tube construction into the installation, even naming the piece after one of the oldest districts in Paris.
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